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January 1, 2009
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EVE: Guard Duty by arconius EVE: Guard Duty by arconius
1280x800 wallpaper, download for full view :)

Once you get enough skill points under your belt, the NPC rats in high-sec are more of a nuisance than a threat. Low-sec and null-sec offer more challenging NPCs, but the PC pirates, gankers and griefers are a much bigger threat than the rats will ever be. :P

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DaemonShadowWulf Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was worth a hearty laugh and a well earned smile. Having been predator, protector, and prey only makes this that much funnier and that much more true. And, while I honestly would never use an Apocalypse to guard miners it does add the right tone to the shot.
CptNightingale Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This depends on how many entrances the nullsec of your alliance has, and how well it's camped.

The one I was in a few years back? Pure bloody terror. 5 systems, and 4 enemy stealthbombers waiting for prey at any given time.
ChievousIndustries Apr 15, 2009
hahaha, so true.
Nah guard duty in 0.0 is the same 95% boring etc..
But doses of terror could be much bigger...
i actualy use to like guard duty when i was in the old corp, but it was mostly with small rats and half the time someone else mineing in the area sends his drones out before i can get them. never fought with a player though. if i can somehow get my friends corp to do some mineing somewhere with rats and good ore i'd do this if i can get that battle crusier first
arconius Jan 7, 2009   General Artist
I've been mining in Saatuban lately; it's 0.5 and has decent rats but there's only 3 roid belts so ore can get scarce sometimes. :P

Might try Piekura right next door; it's also 0.5, has more roid belts and an ice field too.
hmm i'll look into that but if i'm mineing ice then that means i need someone to watch over it, that ice is a good money maker and i don't want others stealing it
Back before I joined PIE and the Crusade I worked as guard dog for a small industrial corp in the Aegis Militia, and we did a lot of mining. One time we got together a small fleet, with about seven barges (a mix of Covetors and Hulks), a Bestower, me in a Harbinger, and another guard in an Omen. For five hours we went from belt to belt and basically mined out the whole system, including a hidden belt we found with some rare ore.

Then at the last belt in the system a PC pirate fleet with battleship support dropped in and instapopped one of the Covetors. We grabbed as much ore as we could from the can, then as the Covetors got out safe (the pirates weren't interested in me or the Omen, even when we started webbing and shooting, and thankfully split their fire between the six remaining barges and thus didn't instapop any of them) we blew the rest to Jita and back. Pirates groused in Local for a bit, then left.

Five hours of boredom, three minutes of sheer panic and explosions.

Welcome to EVE Online.
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